All orders for goods shall be deemed to be an offer by the buyer to purchase goods pursuant to these Terms and Conditions and are subject to acceptance by National Timber. National Timber may choose not to accept an order for any reason. Purchases of our goods can be made over the telephone with our sales team, via our website, through eBay or amazon or any of our third party retailers.

By Purchasing from National Timber or through a third party, it is assumed that the customer agrees to all our terms and conditions. If you do not, please contact us in writing before any attempt to deliver occurs so we can cancel your order.

Contacting us

National Timber can be contacted via the address below:

Timber and Garden Ltd T/A National Timber, 1 Birmingham Rd, West Bromwich, West Midlands B71 4JH. Telephone : 0121 557 8838. Email:


All our pricing and charges are in UK Pound Sterling and include any VAT payable. All our offers and prices are subject to availability and may change at any time prior to National Timber accepting your order (but not after). The total cost of your order will consist of the following; the price of the product and any additional services and products you may choose or require.

National Timber reserve all rights to cancel the contract of any product ordered. In these circumstances you will not be entitled to seek compensation for any disappointment suffered or any loss which you may have incurred.

Additional costs

If we are unable to deliver, through no fault of our own, there will be an additional call out charge, payable by the customer prior to any attempt to re-deliver. Our drivers will always attempt to contact you in these instances and remain at the property for a maximum of 15 minutes. After this time elapses you will be liable for any additional charges such as redelivery on another date or returning to your property.

Any re-delivery, returning or callout charge will be chargeable of upto 50% of the total value cost.


National Timber accepts card payments using master card, visa, visa electron and maestro by calling our dedicated sales team on 0121 557 8838. Please note that there is a surcharge of 2% for all card payments. You can also make payments in cash or bank transfer. Full payment /remaining payment must be made on the date of delivery or prior to. If there are any discrepancies or issues, payment is still due in full. National Timber will confirm by email, (if applicable) the details and price of the goods to our customers. National Timber reserve the right to refuse orders if it is deemed necessary.

We do not accept any form of cheques.

Sizing & Manufacturing

All our Timber is measured in metric units. Sizes are approximates only and generally refer to external dimensions. It should also be noted that the exact size measurements of timber components cannot be guaranteed due to the natural change of this material subject to its surroundings and climate. All our images and photography used are purely for illustrations purposes only. You must be aware that all pictures that you may have seen to purchase are a variation of different styles and sizes that have been requested and so these illustrations of pictures are not the actual sizes. The actual product colours may vary due to the digital photography procedure; however, this will not in any way undermine the overall quality or performance of our product.

Rectifying defects

All goods supplied by total sheds are compliant with standards within the contract between customer and National Timber. However if there should be any defects that would occur with our products within a reasonable period of time after delivery, then please contact us immediately on Please be aware that any problems that may arise due to the natural properties of the materials are not deemed as defects. We will always request photos which clearly demonstrate any reported defect so we are able to determine the cause prior to the possibility of rectification If a defect does occur and clearly is the fault of National Timber, then we will give you suitable options which may include repair or partial refund (at the discretion of management).

Any defects which are deemed to not be the fault of National Timber, but of the customer for any reason, e.g. misuse of the product, any rectifications will be chargeable to the customer If we are not given any reasonable opportunity to rectify any defects, then we will not reimburse you if you have chosen to rectify it yourself or via a third party.

Please note that we will not be liable for any issues that may occur due to misuse of your products or not correctly maintaining your product.


When a customer purchases a product from National Timber, the customer is thereby agreeing to the terms and conditions of our delivery service.

We will always make every effort to deliver on the scheduled date; however, delays are occasionally inevitable due to unforeseen circumstances which are beyond our control and therefore these are not guaranteed. National Timber shall be under no liability for any delay or failure to deliver the products within the estimated dates.

Delivery of goods is only to the front of customers properties, products will not be carried around the rear of properties.

We as a company operate throughout England and Wales and cannot give accurate time to when products will be delivered.

Customers will need to make sure that someone is present to accept delivery of the building all day. Please note that on arrival if there is no one present, we will make every attempt to contact yourself , however if there is no one present after 15 minutes then we will note this down as a failed delivery and any redelivery will be subject to additional costs as outlined under the additional costs section. National Timber will not be liable for any subsequent claim of non-delivery.

The customer must advise us if there are any access difficulties. We always deliver with a 3.5 Ton flatbed transit. If we attempt to deliver and cannot do so due to foreseeable problems such as access restrictions, width of road etc then you will be charged for any redelivery under our additional cost section.

Damage to lawns, flowers beds etc adjacent to a narrow or difficult access route will be the responsibility of the customer. Please make sure there is space available to place the goods.

Our drivers are not authorised to accept changes to our delivery notes or terms and conditions.

On delivery only products, it is the responsibility of the customer to check the numbers of products against the delivery ticket to make sure all items are there before signing the ticket accepting the item. If any items are missing please make the driver and office staff aware before signing any paper work.

Right to cancel and Returns

Customers who visited our showroom, order via telephone, online or through a third party, you have the right to cancel any order (excluding any bespoke, made to order or one off items).

All cancellations must be made at least 24hours before the expected date of delivery.

Any cancellations made must be in a clear statement sent to us via email. (see our contact details).

Refunds may be subject to a deduction up to the contract price covering any reasonable costs incurred by the company, such as: attempted delivery costs in the case of failed delivery attempt which was the fault of the customer, made to order or one off items, and also any orders that have the manufacturing process started.

National Timber has the right to cancel any order if the date has been changed 3 or more times. We will not be obliged to offer any additional compensation for disappointment suffered.

Returns are accepted and we comply with distance selling laws. We give the right to cancel the purchase within 14 days after the day you receive the item. It will be the buyer’s responsibility to pay for the postage return of all the items and they must be in the condition that it was sold in.


Wood is a natural product and all trees are different with different properties. No one tree is exactly the same. These properties can include difference in colour, warping, twisting, splits, knots, knot holes and variances with product finishes. The development and appearance of these natural properties of timber are not defects with the product itself and are not seen as any reason for anyone to claim for replacements, refunds or repairs.

Sometimes deep and wide cracks can appear unsightly but we have considered for these issues in our design and they cannot be guaranteed against. These cracks do not in any way undermine our products of our structure. We supply many satisfied people with our products every year, while they understand the beauty of natural materials and the quality of our timber being higher than the standard used in the industry.

Any sizes that we show are approximations and are in metric units. The characteristics of the timber will change over time due to environment conditions.

All our timber used is planned and smooth. If however, the timber is ruff, it is down to the customer to sand down if they require it. Minor issues such as slight imperfections, we would expect to be dealt with by the customer with the use of adding wood filler and then sanding.

In the event of conflict between these terms and conditions and any statement made by a representative of the company, these terms and conditions shall take precedent.